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22-Dec-2017 08:10

The simple solution is to ban all countries with human rights issues, political prisoners, political press censorship, and so on, from the Internet and from international trade. Love: online propaganda, pro-government shills (in China's case, the infamous 50 cent brigade) Hate: censorship of 'sensitive' topics and material online (in China's case, even censoring the skeletons found in World of Warcraft). That remains an important distinction because it still means that censors cannot actually blame any blocked message for being illegal since they don't know what's in it. The way that things are moving, they are trying to become the totalitarian governments and have no interest in protecting the people.

The news is that despite its advanced security features, the Signal protocol doesn't pad and obfuscate traffic allowing attachment stripping. Per article: "It is notable, however, that the Chinese government was only able to shoot down specific images on the chat apps based in China – strongly suggesting that the government has access to the company's backend systems." Well, duh. El Reg should've mentioned that Winnie the Pooh is also banned. Okay, you might say that the message is still blocked and that is true, but it is blocked based on meta criteria (size, are there attachments), not on content. I think you've confused the what the Western (especially the anglophonic 5eyes) governments are with what they say they are.

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